RSA short “The Power of Empathy” was animated by Katy Davis to illustrate Dr. Bréne Brown’s words.

[Source: Swiss Miss, Design TAXI]


Social Media

An article regarding unpublished information and an article regarding the negative side effects reminded me of this:
Marc Maron quote. Also available as an animation.

[Source: Zen Pencils, Hacker News]


A TEDx talk by Logan LaPlante on happiness and hackschooling.

I don’t agree with the talk but I find some aspects interesting and worth giving a thought. I find that social interactions and the concept of community need to be taught at school, and it is something one can miss out on in homeschooling. Education should be motivating and stimulating for most students and consider a variety of topics, but it also depends significantly on the funds available.

[Source: Swiss Miss]